Bericap Inc. has been operating in Burlington, Ontario for over 25 years. We design, test and produce closures for the food, beverage and commercial goods industries. We have grown considerably during this time through innovation, quality and reliability.  One of the main cost drivers for our business is energy consumption.  The core business of converting plastic resin pellets to finished customer goods requires a large amount of energy, so tracking our electrical consumption to kilograms of plastic produced is very important.  This is why we decided to participate in programs, offered by the Government of Ontario, that help reduce energy usage and keep us competitive.

Over the last several years Bericap Inc. has participated in several programs, notably the Save on Energy Retrofit Programs and a Small Capital Project itemized below;

Retrofit Program for replacing two injection molding machines

  • Replaced 49 injection machines in the Burlington facility with new, energy efficient, models.
  • Replaced two older hydraulic presses with energy efficient hybrid models.
  • Participated in pre- and post-energy monitoring by a third-party company, resulting in $35,840 in retrofit program rebate and produced electrical savings of $18,000 per year for each machine.

Retrofit Program for unitary AC unit replacement

  • Replaced two old five tonne unitary rooftop AC units with more efficient models.
  • Received a retrofit rebate of $2,712.

Retrofit Program for replacing air compressors

  • Performed a plant air analysis study.
  • Reduced operation of four 100 Hp steady state air compressors to 1 steady state (100Hp) and 1 variable speed (100Hp).
  • Added a large storage tank and control system to better regulate output, which reduced the plant air pressure from 100 to 90 psi.
  • Conducted a pre- and post-energy monitoring with a third-party company, resulting in $58,800 in retrofit program rebate and produced electrical savings of $46,000 per year.

Retrofit Program for office lighting

  • Retrofitted office lighting from T12 to T8 ballasts and tubes.
  • Expecting annual electrical savings of $4,725 per year with a retrofit rebate of $5,884.

Small Capital Project for Process Refrigerant Upgrade

  • Installed a new plant cooling system that included equipment, piping, instrumentation and an automated controls system.
  • Worked with mechanical consultant, Continual Energy, to select energy efficient equipment.
  • Commissioned an automated control system that uses our new temperature, flow and pressure device outputs downstream, to continually adjust the cooling equipment. By constantly monitoring feedback we can maintain and efficiently run our system and production.
  • Installed a large heat exchanger, piping and controls that allows us to shut off our chillers in the colder months and run sufficient cold water to our molds solely off ‘free cooling’.
  • Submitted our Process & Systems program application in July 2015 and our new system in-service date was December 2016. We are on track to the predicted energy savings outlined in the detailed engineering study of 3,892 MWh that will yield a Small Capital Project rebate of $733,400 and annual electrical savings of $525,000.


Bericap Inc. has also been enrolled for years with the EnerNOC curtailment program and most recently were approved as a Class ‘A’ customer in the Industrial Conservation Initiative.

In the past, an energy consulting group provided monthly summaries of our usage, market hydro rates and future predictions of where the market was going.  We used this input for financial budgeting and smoothing out peak demand costs by hedging with electricity blocks of time at preset prices.  As hydro prices have become more stable and our internal energy usage more stable we stopped this practice.

Knowing how to use our power to save on energy usage and, ultimately, costs has helped in ensuring we remain competitive.

To learn more and contact Bericap visit their website.

To learn more about energy-efficiency programs for your business contact your local electrical utility or natural gas company. If you are not sure who your local electrical utility is follow this link.