Enhancing Brand and Saving Costs – Violin Group

The Violin Group is a multi-trade contractor company specializing in innovative and sustainable energy solutions that include  the supply and installation of solar PV for commercial and industrial clients, LED lighting retrofits, and the North American distribution of SolarDrive and SmartFlower.

Violin Group

Solar Drive Golf Cart

With its comprehensive understanding of the energy landscape, the Violin Group actively participates in energy efficiency programs to demonstrate the benefits and capabilities of new, energy efficient technologies. For this reason, the company built a showcase installation to demonstrate the benefits of LED s and technological advances in lighting controls.

Energy innovation and efficiency is not only part of the Violin Group brand, it helps save costs as well.

To upgrade their facility lighting, the Violin Group participated in the Save On Energy Retrofit program. This allowed the company to replace all existing fluorescent and halogen lighting fixtures with LED equivalents. They also added controls for office occupancy, daylight harvesting, light scheduling, Wi-Fi (remote) controls, and smart controls for 3-way switches.

The total cost of these initiatives was approximately $4,000. Through the Retrofit program incentives of about $1219 were able to cut 30 percent of the project cost. These lighting upgrades will continue to provide annual savings, thereby allowing Violin Group to invest in other energy efficiency initiatives   or other aspects of their business. It is estimated that the upgrades made to date will save Violin Group about 6360 kWh of energy a year, which works out to $1080 of annual savings. This results in an ROI of 2.78 years.

Prior to participating in an energy efficiency program, the Violin Group lacked a formal energy management program. Since participating, the way the company manages energy has changed. Added to this: the addition of a 2.5 kW PV SmartFlower, as well as a 32 kW PV rooftop, brings their net electricity usage to near zero. On top of this, the Violin Group also replaced their gas and electric hot water systems with the help of a single tankless/on-demand unit that supplies both systems.

Violin Group Smart Flower

In addition, the Violin Group has also participated in the CME Smart Green program which provides incentives for energy efficiency upgrades.

A more energy efficient Violin Group hasn’t just been noticed by their employees, it’s been noticed by their clients as well.

“Energy conservation is not only the easiest way to reduce your monthly energy costs, but with help from SaveOn Energy and a knowledgeable installation partner like The Violin Group – it’s also the most cost effective.”

“We were able to reduce the size of our solar installation by over 30% by addressing energy conservation first.”


Know Your Power is a collaboration between the OCC and Ontario Ministry of Energy. Learn more about available energy programs here.