Integrate natural gas efficiency into the design of your next building project

Funding to incorporate natural gas efficiency and low carbon technology/ design in your next business construction project.


Up to $60,000 in incentives available through four program stages:

Integrated Design Process (IDP) – Up to $30,000 to cover costs of the
entire IDP session

Energy Performance Incentive – Up to an additional $15,000 post construction if natural gas performance targets are met

Commissioning Incentive – Up to an additional $15,000 once final as-constructed energy model, along with the final Commissioning Report have been submitted and approved


Eligible customers must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Application is for a new commercial or industrial building project
  • Includes commercial, institutional, multi-unit residential and industrial buildings covered under OBC 2017, Part 3
  • Project must still be in the design phase
  • Construction site is in the Enbridge Gas Distribution area
  • Building must be at least 50,000 sq. ft.
  • Committed to finishing construction within five years from your Integrated Design Process session