The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) manages the supply and demand of Ontario’s electricity and directs flow across high-voltage transmission lines to ensure electricity is available to consumers when and where they need it. The IESO administers and settles the wholesale electricity market, where the market price is set based on accepted offers to supply electricity against the forecasted demand.

The IESO also works with its partners to promote, monitor, plan and invest in energy efficiency, as it is the most cost-effective resource to help meet the province’s energy needs. Through Ontario’s Conservation First Framework, the IESO is coordinating efforts to reduce electricity consumption by 8.7 terawatt-hours (TWh) by the end of 2020.

With this central role in managing Ontario’s electricity supply, the IESO plans for and forecasts Ontario’s future electricity needs. Through this planning process, the IESO frequently engages with energy sector partners, communities and customers to ensure that provincial energy needs and community-level requirements are being met.

Contact the IESO:

  • If you have questions about Ontario’s electricity system and how you can get involved
  • For questions about the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI), participating as a Class A customer, and understanding the Global Adjustment charge of your bill
  • If you are a market participant, contract holder or energy developer and need to interact with the IESO click here
  • For information about the FIT and microFIT Program
  • If you have questions about your LDC or are not sure which LDC is responsible for distributing your power click here
  • For more information about Ontario’s energy grid click here
  • For more information on Save-On-Energy for Business click here


Learn more about the IESO on its website.