The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is Ontario’s independent energy regulator and works to ensure a sustainable, reliable energy sector that helps consumers get value from natural gas and electricity services. The OEB is responsible for establishing rates and prices, and making the consumer’s own energy usage easier to understand. OEB is mandated under the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, the Electricity Act, 1998, and a number of other provincial statutes including: Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010, the Municipal Franchises Act, The Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Act, the Assessment Act, and the Toronto District Heating Corporation Act.

The OEB makes the rules that energy companies must live by, and enforces the rules and laws if broken by applying penalties. The OEB listens to complaints and acts upon them if an issue needs to be resolved. Additionally, they also develop energy regulatory policy to meet future needs and address emerging challenges.

Contact the OEB:

  • If you have questions or complaints about your natural gas and electricity services and/or prices
  • Understand how your bill works and how rates are set
  • For information about energy contracts
  • To learn about the rules utilities and energy retailers must follow
  • To learn how to participate in upcoming stakeholder engagement opportunities and public consultations here

To learn more about OEB visit its website.