Modernizing A 60-Year-Old Company – Lisgar Commercial

Lisgar Commercial Real Estate is a small owner and manager of office properties in Oakville and Mississauga, where they act as a commercial landlord and lease-out office space.

The largest sources of energy consumption at Lisgar are space heating (25%), cooling (23%), office equipment (20%) and lighting (17%). Over the past two years, the company has participated in several electricity and natural gas savings programs and rebates.

The first project was in early 2015 when Grant Gorchynski, the Chief Operating Officer, was relatively new to the company. He had a passion for growing his grandmother’s business, cares deeply for the environment and had a vision to modernize the 60-year-old company. The initial energy conservation project was already in the final stages of replacing the two large roof-top units and many people in the company were not aware of Save On Energy programs, nor did they think it would account for much in the way of savings. However, seeing the opportunity for reduce costs, Grant submitted the Retrofit program application.

“It was not easy but with the support of a company called PL Energy we were able to identify the Save on Energy programs suited to our business,” said Grant. “PL Energy helped us receive a $100,400 rebate.”

In the past, there was little to no energy management at Lisgar Commercial Real Estate. Since participating in the energy-savings programs, like the retrofit program, Grant has stepped-in and made energy management and consumption one of the company’s top priorities.

“I am grateful to have the chance to manage a company with multiple offices. There is a high-energy consumption profile and multiple ways to reduce energy consumption without compromising comfort or lighting levels. “

In the future, the company is committed to constantly participating in energy-efficiency programs and demonstrating leadership in their industry. Acquiring organizational building energy-efficiency standards such as BOMA and LEED will also be a priority. These energy efficiency accreditations not only offer clients the latest guidelines and standards in energy-efficient buildings and leased space, they  also help them remain competitive in the real estate industry.

“The programs show that the government, and utility companies, among others are committed to helping the Earth. Machinery and lighting are becoming more efficient and can produce equal or better outputs with significantly less energy consumption.  Some older, or more established, companies cannot see the benefit in capital cost and these incentives help motivate them to become greener and help our planet,” says Grant.

Grant believes Lisgar has become more competitive because their tenants can state, with certainty, that their office is environmentally conscious and supports sustainability. Knowing how to manage your energy consumption pays off.

“Energy management is important for us because it makes our properties more competitive. We are more competitive from a price-point because electricity costs will be lower than other properties. We are more competitive because LED lighting lasts decades, reduces maintenance costs and results in less disruption to our tenants.”

To learn more or contact Lisgar Commercial Real Estate visit their website.

To learn more about available energy-efficiency programs for your business contact your local electrical utility or natural gas company. If you are not sure who your local electrical utility is follow this link.