Our comparison between mobile and online gambling

The man propped his head and lies on the gaming table

Mobile games are in the news a lot these days and we wanted to investigate whether they are really trustworthy. This article is for you if the last season of Game of Thrones left you wanting more, as we chose this famous series for our comparison. Find out now what we think of these two ways of playing: who will win? The answer is here.

A game that convinced fans of the series in the first place

The reason we chose Game of Thrones as an example is that mobile game provider Zynga has just released a new option on its Game of Thrones slot. In fact, in case you missed it, the Game of Thrones slot was released just over a year ago to celebrate the finale of this famous series, which has thrilled thousands of viewers. The game is available for download on all smartphone download platforms (Apple Store, Google Play…).

What do we really think of mobile games?

Although mobile games can be attractive and without constraints (no registration or verification of documents to withdraw your winnings), we remain doubtful about this mode of play. Indeed, we would advise you to play at a legal and licensed casino.

As player reviews prove, this mobile game seems to have a very low return rate and we’re not even sure if we can withdraw our winnings…

Our alternative: Game of Thrones from Microgaming

So, if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, why not play the Game of Thrones slot from the Microgaming provider? This is the official slot that was released in 2014. You have nothing to worry about on this machine: the return rate is 95.07%, and there are 243 winning lines.

Moreover, Microgaming is a publisher regulated by more than 20 gaming licenses, so you can feel safe while playing. In addition, you should know that all their games are optimized for mobile and are also available for free. In short, the casino games combine the advantages of Android & iOS games with the security of receiving your winnings without any stress. As well, the studio offers unique live options for card game fans, including the best live dealer blackjack variants.