Staying Competitive Through Energy Efficiency – Giant Tiger

Giant Tiger is the leading Canadian-owned family discount store, committed to providing on trend family fashions, groceries and everyday household needs. Known as Canada’s best-kept secret, the privately held company has over 235 locations across Canada and employs over 8,000 team members. All Giant Tiger locations are locally owned or operated by a team member who knows the community.

To manage electricity costs and remain competitive in all aspects of its national operations, Giant Tiger has focused on efficiency and participated in energy-efficiency programs. Giant Tiger’s major energy draws, across the chain, are primarily from lighting, HVAC and refrigeration along with minimal plug load.

Incentives and energy-efficiency programs allow for investment in more efficient technologies and provide a more palatable payback.  Giant Tiger has participated in the Save On Energy Retrofit Program hundreds of times across its Ontario stores. “Not only does this lower the cost of efficient technology but it also allows us to pass on the savings to our customers,” says Mark Pasini, Senior Manager of Energy and Facilities at Giant Tiger. “We are a community-focused retailer and improving our energy footprint is in the best interest of our communities.”

Prior to having an Energy Manager, Giant Tiger did some energy projects but mainly focused on lighting improvements. Previous incentives were almost always prescriptive – meaning that they were fixed incentives offered on a per unit basis. Prescriptive incentives require little up-front work and are beneficial for organizations that are only looking to replace certain technology or equipment.

Giant Tiger has an Energy Manager whose job it is to help navigate programs and ensure they are operating efficiently. By participating in the Save On Energy Retrofit Program Giant Tiger has obtained $675,000 in incentives and received electricity savings of $775,000 annually. It has resulted in a three-year payback on energy-efficiency projects.

The Energy Manager program is available through participating electricity providers or local distribution companies (LDCs). It offers funding based on energy-efficiency targets. Participating in this program can help your organization better manage your energy consumption and provide daily support to ensure you are operating at maximum efficiency.

Giant Tiger has found multiple benefits from participating in Save On Energy efficiency programs. Not only have the programs allowed the organization to reduce energy costs, improve operational efficiencies and see a substantial payback on their bottom line, the programs also align with Giant Tiger’s customer values and demonstrates a commitment to the communities they serve and the environment. Giant Tiger is currently looking into available natural gas incentives to further improve their energy efficiency and remain open to new programs.

“Giant Tiger takes energy efficiency seriously for many reasons, most notably is our concern for the health of the planet, and to help us lower our operating costs so that we can pass those savings on to our customer. It is a win-win!” – Mark Pasini